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MGIS Capstone Thesis
(completed June 2004)

"Exploring spatial and socio-economic patterns of residential mobility among elementary school children"

advisor: Dr. William J. Craig

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MGIS Selected Coursework

GEOG 5564: urban gis, spring 2004
For class project, worked with the Northside Residents Redevelopment Council in North Minneapolis to analyze housing investment programs.

DHA 8463: housing, race and class, fall 2004
A seminar course where I studied the spatial patterns of the Community Reinvestment Act in North Minneapolis.

GEOG 8292: spatial analysis and modeling: spring 2003
A seminar course. Go to the course website

GEOG 5563: advanced GI Science, spring 2003

GIS 5574: gis and the internet, fall 2003
Mapserver, go to the course website

GEOG 5562: gis and analytical cartography, fall 2002
GIS programming from first principles using C#. Go to the course website

GIS 5571: arc/info, fall 2002
Was taught both desktop and workstation Arc/Info from ESRI.

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